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Staff Contact

The general company number is (716) 632-4700. We have voice mail, so your message will always be received.

Stop at our office - 5564 Main Street, Village of Williamsville. If you are dropping off a news release after hours (8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., M-F) we have a mail slot in the front door for envelopes.

Mail us your information. Mail to:

Bee Group Newspapers
5564 Main Street 
Buffalo NY 14221

Contact us on the Internet. Direct your email message to the staff person listed below.

Fax us your information - 716-633-8601. Available 24 hours a day. 
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Amherst Bee Editor
Clarence Bee Editor
Ken-Ton Bee Editor
Cheektowaga Bee Editor
Lancaster Bee Editor
Depew Bee Editor
Orchard Park Bee Editor
East Aurora Bee Editor
West Seneca Bee Editor
BeeThere Editor
Managing Editor
Circulation Department    632-1791   [email protected]
Advertising Department   204-4933   [email protected]
Classified Department      632-4712   [email protected]
Newsroom                            204-4905   [email protected]
BeeHeard Opinion Line     632-0390  

Staff Listing

Debby Cambria New Business Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4910 [email protected]
Keli Wesolowski Accounting Manager Accounting 204-4906 [email protected]
Bryan Jackson Cheektowaga Bee Editor Editorial 204-4915 [email protected]
Chris Graham Orchard Park Editor Editorial 204-4902 [email protected]
Alan Rizzo Kenton Editor Editorial 204-4925 [email protected]
Kara Damon Measer
Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4941 [email protected]
Jennifer Waters West Seneca Editor Editorial 204-4922 [email protected]
Brenda  Denk Sales Manager Advertising 204-4933 [email protected]
Anna Walters Amherst Associate Editor Editorial 204-4920 [email protected]
Cynthia Guzik Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4940 [email protected]m
Amy Robb Lancaster Bee Editor Editorial 204-4924 [email protected]
Beth Hutchinson Copy Editor Editorial 204-4919 [email protected]
Ethan Powers Clarence Bee Editor Editorial 204-4921 [email protected]
Teresa Eastman
Advertising Sales Classified 204-4927 [email protected]
Joann Friedly Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4936 [email protected]
Bob Kupczyk Special Sections Editor Editorial 204-4916 [email protected]
Kate Pelczynski East Aurora Editor Editorial 204-4918 [email protected]
Robert Measer Circulation Assistant Circulation 204-4943 [email protected]
Trey Measer Publisher / President Administration 204-4900 [email protected]
Michael Measer Vice President / Circulation Manager Administration 204-4950 [email protected]
Jason Nadolinski Reporter Editorial 204-4904 [email protected]
Pat Nagy Reporter Editorial 204-4903 [email protected]
Scott Patterson Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4930 [email protected]
Carolyn Prefontaine New Business Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4949 [email protected]
Karl Scheitheir Production Manager Production 204-4948 [email protected]
Holly Schiferle
Classified Manager
[email protected]
David Sherman Managing Editor Editorial 204-4905 [email protected]
Barbara Szaras Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4935 [email protected]
Rae Ann Tamberelli Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4946 [email protected]
Al Pitzonka Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4938 [email protected]
Dave Tiebor Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4932 [email protected]
Deborah Tooles Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4939 [email protected]
Taylor Nigrelli Reporter Reporter 204-4929 [email protected]
Nicholas Konotopskyi Reporter Reporter 204-4913 [email protected]
Holly Lipka Reporter Reporter 204-4925 [email protected]
Alan Rizzo Reporter Reporter 204-4925 [email protected]
Vince Visciano New Business Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4952 [email protected]
Joe Militello New Business Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4942 [email protected]
Mark Militello New Business Advertising Sales Advertising 204-4923 [email protected]